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We equip you for the digital love hunt: the most important platforms and advice on how best to get on with men in online dating

Tinder, Badoo, Lovoo, Jaumo or would you prefer something to tie, like Parship, LoveScout24 or Elite Partner? There is a wide range of options for finding social happiness via dating sites and online dating apps best hook up sites. Whether for quick sex, to fall in love or a permanent partnership – we will show you which platforms are serious and give you 6 tips on how you can significantly increase your chance of a date.

Well worth it for all those who are single and looking. That is the great advantage of online dating: There are no misunderstandings like “Oh, you have a boyfriend, okay, too bad”. All of them are here because they want to meet someone.

Online dating is particularly suitable for those who want to expand their options. Because searching on the Internet offers a special opportunity compared to classic dating: You will meet people who you would otherwise probably never have met at work, in training, with friends or in your favorite club, says Eric Hegmann, couple counselor, Parship coach and author (“or: The book for more love”, Knaur TB, around 10 euros). Plus: You can filter in advance according to (common) interests, occupation, age.

Extreme dating or unusual dating is simply doing things that are out of the original during your date. Most people’s idea of a date is going for a movie, a meal or drink. Such dinner and movie dates are guaranteed to be forgettable because these will just be the same as all the other dates that you have ever had. Extreme dating, however, is much more thrilling as it brings you out of your comfort zone.

A Normal Date?

Many people go through a date like they are following a script. It would start from meeting up with their date and then be nervous for the first hour or two, maybe stressing about whether or not the date likes them. When the date come to an end, they would ponder whether a goodbye kiss is appropriate or an invitation to spend more time together and so on. Many awkward moments occur during these date routine. In order to avoid such awkward moments, you should engaged in extreme dating with your partner. Extreme dating will never bored you to death.

The Extreme and Unusual Dates

One form of extreme dating is to go to as many places as possible in the shortest time. It is always to visit as many places as you can. If you are stuck in one place, it will seem like a boring drag, no matter how much you enjoy the company of each other. But if you go several different destinations, your mind would be more stimulated.

Comedy night bar or club is one of the best places to go for an evening out with a date that you have met for the first time. The comedians will make your partner laugh and have a good time so they break the ice for you.

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Top Ten Extreme Dates

You can try something that you have not tried before. For example, paintball and water sports. Paintball is one of the fun things to do for extreme dates that most people will enjoy. It would be excellent for bonding if you are in a team against other people. Another idea for extreme dating is white water rafting. Now that is an extreme date that gets really get the adrenaline going. You will have plenty to talk about after this extreme date.

Less strenuous extreme dating activities can be things like kite flying. Kite flying is one extreme dating where you can easily break the tension between the both of you. So the next thing you plan for a date, try some extreme dating activities such as go kart driving, hot air balloon riding, pony trekking, dinghy sailing or wind surfing. Extreme dating will allow you and your partner to have a blast of a time while building a relationship at the same time.

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